Editorial: Were you one who made a difference?

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Just in time for Christmas, it looks like Santa has delivered Phenix City’s District 2 run-off results.

Did it turn out as you expected?

According to unofficial election results Tuesday evening, Vickie Carter Johnson is the winner with 428 votes (29 of those being via absentee).

Her opponent, Baxley Oswalt, received 263 votes (four of those being via absentee).

It appears, as expected, a small fragment — 658 people — voted. Which means that small slice of the electorate decided who District 2’s next city council person will be.

Not surprising, given historical election patterns. And the fact that virtually everybody is consumed with holiday preparations. It’s also not surprising because in the first election in November, Carter Johnson’s 240 votes to Oswalt’s 225 showed she had a loyal voter base.

And yet, it appears there was a slight increase in voter turnout over the Nov. 14 election’s turnout.

To those who cared enough to vote this time, be proud of yourself for being part of the democratic process, whichever candidate you voted for. You were among those deciding how the results played out.

The city will canvass and certify the run-off results on Dec. 27 at noon.

Assuming there won’t be any additional allegations, election contests or investigations, it’s expected that Carter Johnson will soon join her peers at the council table.

It will be good to see representation again for District 2. The untimely death of former councilman Dr. Johnnie C. Robinson Jr. has left a void and a silence that needs to filled.

District 2 needs a voice again. The city council needs a full panel again. The city needs to move forward.

Let’s see what 2018 brings.

By Blenda Copeland, Staff Writer