Giovanna’s Pizzaria named the best restaurant on Trip Advisor

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By Ryan Wilkes

Who doesn’t like going out and eating at amazing restaurants?  How you feel  about an award winning restaurant located right here in Phenix City?

Look nowhere closer than Giovanna’s Pizzaria, who was just nominated by Trip Advisor as Traveler’s Choice as best restaurant of 66 other restaurants in Phenix City.

Giovanna’s specializes in multi-cuisine ranging from Greek cuisine to pizza itself.  When asked what menu item was the top seller, Nelson Rodriguez the General Manager of Giovanna’s Pizzaria had this to say:

“Well basically your pepperoni is the best selling pizza,” he said. “With the pepperoni pizza, it’s a combination between the calzone.”

He said that the pepperoni pizza and calzone are the most popular items on his menu. For Rodriguez, his favorite item on the menu is the Ruben sandwich.

Giovanna’s Pizzaria has been in Phenix City for seven years. But what got him interested in the pizza business.

“Since I am an Yankee, I was always looking for good pizza,” he said. “I couldn’t find a good pizza place locally. All we had down here was Papa John’s, Dominoes, and Little Cesaer’s, and it wasn’t what we experienced eating up North.”

He said that one day he would open up a pizzaria and here he is seven years later serving good food and pizza to residents of the Phenix City and Columbus areas.

Giovanna’s Pizzaria is located at 614 16th Street Phenix City,  and is open to the public all week from 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.