Nix pleased with first two weeks of practice

Nix pleased with first two weeks of practice
The Red Devils have been working the past two weeks to prepare for the upcoming season. Top photo: Caleb Nix, a Central quarterback, fakes a hand-off to running back Joseph McKay. Bottom photo: Central running back Zion Morris hauls in a pass. Mark Clark

After two weeks of football practice, Central High coach Patrick Nix says it has been “difficult, but not difficult.” Say what?

The first-year coach for the Red Devils explained his statement.

“Coaching the kids has not been difficult. It has been great being out there coaching the kids. The difficult part has been making sure the equipment is cleaned properly between groups coming in,” Nix said.

“Everything has been good. The most difficult thing we have gone though with the players is that they are kids and so sometimes they want to get together in a group and we have to remind them to maintain social distancing. We have to keep them spread out.”

While Nix says things have been going well overall, he feels the team – all teams – are probably a little behind a usual summer of practices. Nix said teams have usually made more progress and are working on bonding as a team.

“By this time teams are usually seeing just how far they have progressed. Players would be seeing how the other kids are doing and starting to get into competition with each other to push each other. They would normally be taking steps to bond as a team,” Nix said.

While the number of players for the Red Devils is around 140, they cannot all be on the practice field at one time. So, the Red Devils are divided into groups with morning and afternoon sessions Monday to Thursday. While four groups are on the field, the rest are in groups inside doing weightlifting and conditioning.

“We’ve limited the number of players to get them to work together. We’re taking small steps right now to get prepared for the season ahead. It could be a few more weeks before we can work in larger groups. Maybe we will know more after the state superintendent speaks this week or maybe it will be later on before we know,” Nix said.

Either way, Nix is just pleased to be working with his players in some manner. It is not that much longer before the team will be back in school and putting the final touches on preparations for their first game with Peach County, Ga.