Marian Carcache: Easter memories of dyed eggs and dresses

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Easter celebrates rebirth and resurrection. It also brings back memories.

When I was about five, my grandmother and great-grandmother worked together to create for me a beautiful pink, cotton lace Easter dress with thin, black velvet ribbon that ran through the eyelets around the neck. Sadly, when it was washed, the black velvet “bled” all over the pink eyelet and ruined the beautiful dress.

My great aunt didn’t make clothes for me, but she surprised me one year with a basket filled with beautifully hand-painted eggshells. She must have spent weeks forcing the white and yolk she cooked for her family’s breakfast through a tiny hole she made with a knitting needle in one end of the egg so that the shells would be intact for her paint. Fifty years later, I still treasure those eggs and display them every Easter.

One of my favorite memories from my son’s childhood is the year we decided to color our Easter eggs naturally.  Following Martha Stewart’s instructions, we used red cabbage, beets, and turmeric powder for dye.  We also dipped a few in strong coffee. The resulting colors weren’t as brilliant as we might have gotten with commercial dyes, but the fun of making Easter eggs was just as intense.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, memorable Easter.

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