Marian Carcache: I’m a stay close to home kind  of person

Marian Carcache: I’m a stay close to home kind of person

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One of my best friends is in Hawaii this week, two others are on a plane to Washington D.C. as I write and a couple of others are packing to go to Yukon. I am the “odd girl out” in my group of friends. Similar to the “buy local” philosophy, I tend to “travel around town.” Two regional events have traditionally been my “big trips” every year.

I loved my pilgrimages to Butch Anthony’s Doo-Nanny in Seale. The colorful folk art and equally colorful artists who created it made the sandy art-lined paths in Russell county seem to me like the streets paved with gold I heard about in church.  I was in seventh heaven as I consorted with some of the great minds of my generation, people who make beauty out of what a throwaway society has cast off.

The other event I have looked forward to every year is the Frank-N-Stein reception that artist Hugh Williams hosted for his elite group of art students every October for more than a decade. Hugh’s yard alone was a delight with its clever Halloween decorations, bottle trees, arches made from old doorframes, and seasonal bonfire. After viewing the art inside the studio, guests enjoyed hot dogs on the deck where a rubber arm reached out of an old bathtub filled with ice and drinks. Hugh passed away last week, leaving the earth richer for his having been here.

Both events have now come to an end, but I feel well traveled to have experienced them.

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