Marian Carcache: Mardi Gras closet makeover not in my future

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I’ve never celebrated Mardi Gras in Mobile or New Orleans, but I was thrilled that the rain held off and I was able to attend Auburn’s Second Annual Krewe de Tigris parade on Saturday. Digging through my closet, I found the perfect impromptu outfit – a long green velvet dress and a fancy green, purple, and gold cape, both thrift store treasures from days gone by.

The floats were lovely. Pirate ships adorned with stunning mermaid figureheads carried marauders wearing eye patches and wielding swords. Of the more than 30 tableaux, my favorite display was the Lee County Humane Society’s (LCHS) take on the “boat” theme, an ark filled with sweet animals. The celebrants on that float even threw bone-shaped beads. There was an Alice in Wonderland float, as well as a Wizard of Oz one – both magnificent.  Pride on the Plains also created a lovely spectacle that included iridescent bubbles that rose from the float and trailed along beside and behind it.

After filling my loot bag with trinkets and Moon Pies and enjoying the sights and good energy of Mardi Gras in Auburn, I joined my son at one of Auburn’s favorite restaurants, The Hound, for a delicious bowl of gumbo.  Raspberry filled King Cake was waiting at home.

Even though I really am trying to embrace organization expert Marie Kondo’s philosophy, “the life-changing magic of tidying up,” I sure am glad that my closets are still filled with glimmering, shimmering potential “Fat Tuesday” costumes for next year. I won’t be parting with that “excess” any time soon!

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