Marian Carcache: Pleased to meet Mama Mocha’s mama

Marian Carcache: Pleased to meet Mama Mocha’s mama

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We’ve had a bit of rain here lately. It washed out the old year and is washing in the new.  My habit is to not leave the house unless absolutely necessary when the weather is cold, or the ground is saturated. But after so many days inside, I finally ventured out, and I am glad I did.

The quest to find the right lamp shades for a pair of 1940s lamps my son gave me for Christmas took me near the Opelika site of Mama Mocha’s Coffee Emporium as I headed toward Angel’s Antique Mall. I am fortunate to live a few houses down the street from the Auburn Mama Mocha’s so I frequent it, but this was my first visit to the charming Opelika location.

All coffee lovers know that nothing is better on a rainy January day than a steaming hot cup of coffee, so the day was already looking good when a friendly couple stopped on their way out of the roastery to speak. When the lady of the couple exclaimed, “You write for the paper. I read your stories every week,” the day immediately got even better.

As it turned out, she was Mama Mocha’s mama. It’s always a thrill to find friendly people, but it was an extra thrill to meet her and learn that she enjoys the Lovely Tokens column, because I have been reading the words she shares with her daughter for years. Ever since Sarah (aka Mama Mocha) opened her first coffee bar, she has displayed wisdom from her mother in a little binder on the counter, on a chalkboard, on almost any surface where words will fit and be seen.

Synchronicity is a wonderful thing, and when it happens the moment becomes magical.  I am so glad I braved the rain today and ended up meeting new people – not to even mention that my new friend sent me home with delicious homemade apple turnovers, the perfect complement to her daughter’s good coffee.

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