Marian Carcache: Possum Trot brings friends together

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Last Friday afternoon, my son and I set out for Seale, listening to Stevie Nicks with the car windows rolled down. It was hot, but nothing beats Southern summers for riding in the car with fresh air and music. And we were pretty excited to be headed to the Possum Trot auction.

Since the Doo-Nanny went on hiatus, I’ve missed our trips to Poorhouse Road to enjoy the company and craftsmanship of some of the most creative people around.  I’m thrilled that Butch Anthony has transformed Possum Trot into a gallery of art and oddities, as well as holding the auctions there.

From a cast iron angel and cement dog to old window sashes and chain saws, I saw a plethora of treasures. The cliché “something for everybody” certainly fit the Possum Trot auction Friday night.

In addition to seeing the magnificent art and second-hand valuables, I saw family and friends, some whom I had not seen in decades. Butch was there, of course, and I met a new friend who likes the same things I do. It’s always nice to find a kindred spirit.

Driving back to Auburn that night, I realized that Butch’s gift goes beyond inviting us into his delightful world through his own art and introducing us to the work of other artists. He also brings neighbors together and turns strangers into friends. That’s art at its finest.

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