Mystics working to release 2nd cookbook

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Several years ago, the Mystic Order of East Alabama Fiction Writers publi

shed its first cookbook.  We called it The Ploy of Cooking, in playful homage to The Joy of Cooking. While a few members of the gr

oup are wonderful cooks, not all of us are experts in the kitchen.

At the time we wrote The Ploy, I did not even have a stove. I relied on a hot plate, two crockpots, and a rice cooker for preparing my staple diet of beans and greens.  Another Mystic, at a loss for recipes to contribute to the project, included “Candy in a Bowl” as one of her entries.

We are presently in the finishing stages of editing our second cookbook, Mastering the Art of Wench Cooking.  We’re hoping that it will be available by early spring.

Convincing six busy women to meet writing and editing deadlines hasn’t been easy, but I’m confident that the finished product will be worth our efforts. When The Ploy of Cooking came out, we were invited to read at book clubs and garden clubs, as well as at Kiwanis and Rotary meetings. And being the hams we are (no food pun intended), the Mystics loved being “on stage.”  We are looking forward to our next 15 minutes of fame.

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