Some things don’t thrill me at New Year’s

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By Marian Carcache

It’s that time of year when things happen that make me grumpy.

First off, it’s too cold.  Even in sweltering July heat, I don’t complain because I remember this time of year when it is so cold that the air burns my skin and my forehead aches like a tooth that needs filling.

The second thing is actually a result of the first.  As irreverent as it may sound, I have never liked New Year’s Eve parties.  Even when I was young, I found it too cold to enjoy going out at night in party clothes at the end of December.

And explosives are among my least favorite things.  The spectacle from fireworks is pretty, but the noise is torture for most animals and many people, such as some suffering from posttraumatic stress.

Finally, there are the resolutions. Instead of resolving to do or not do a thing, I have found that I have more success skipping over the formal resolution, which almost seems to tempt fate.  If I resolve to go to the gym, I invariably drop a cast iron skillet on my toe. If I promise to give up sugar and dairy, someone appears with a butter roll, my favorite dessert.

Lest I sound like Scrooge, let me add that I really enjoy one New Year’s tradition. I always look forward to eating my fill of black-eyed peas and collard greens for wealth and luck.

Happy New Year!

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