Tim Cole: Be simple in your faith

Tim Cole: Be simple in your faith

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Do you want to experience the wonderful truths of Christianity? Listen to a child. Where does Jesus live? We say that God lives in Heaven. Ask a child, and without thinking or hesitation, they will tell you that Jesus lives in their heart. This is the very core of Christianity.

Jesus took a little child and put him in the midst of them. He said, “If you want to enter the Kingdom of God you must become like this little child”. Jesus’ disciples tried to keep the children away from Him. Jesus said, “Allow the children to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of God.”

I believe children are more sensitive and aware of spiritual realities than most adults. Children don’t know hatred and prejudice. They must learn it. Children have an innocent, pure heart. Mama Johnston used to say, “If everybody in this world was as pure as that little baby how wonderful this world would be”. Children have a natural unquestionable faith. Children are eager to learn and grow. All admirable qualities for us all.

There was a couple who shared a precious story with me. They were not Church people at all. They didn’t even mention God in their home. They both got deafly sick. Their little girl laid hands on them and prayed for God to heal them. He did.

When my two girls were young they had an experience with God. My oldest gave her heart to Jesus when she was three years old as her Grandmother prayed with her. She came home sharing her testimony.

When my youngest got to be four years old my oldest was concerned that she wasn’t saved yet. One day my youngest and I were singing a little song. “I’m so happy, so very happy, since Jesus Christ came in and washed away my sin”. She began to cry.

I said, “Honey what is wrong”? She said, “Jesus doesn’t live in my heart”. We prayed, and she received Jesus into her heart. Later that day she marched into the backyard where her grandparents were and told them that she received Jesus and He lives in her heart.

There was a world-famous Evangelist whose little son came up to the altar in answer to the invitation. His Daddy told him he was too young to understand. He sent him back to his seat. As the story goes his son grew up, left the Church, and never came back. The saying that was spread about this “successful” Evangelist was, “He won the world, but lost his own family.”

Paul the apostle said to never get away from the simplicity of the Gospel. We make things so complicated that we totally miss the simple truth that will save us and set us free. If you try to understand everything before you give your heart to Jesus, you never will. If you try to change your own life before you received Jesus, you never will. It is said that the difference between Heaven and Hell for most people is eighteen inches. The distance from your head to your heart. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.

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