Tim Cole: Become a new creation

Tim Cole: Become a new creation

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The Christian life is a life of changing from our ways to God’s ways, from our way of thinking to God’s way of thinking, from our will to God’s will, from sin to righteousness, from walking after the flesh to walking in the Spirit.

When we are born again we become a new person in Christ. God does a heart transplant. You can clean a pig up, perfume it, and put a bow on it. Let it go and it will run to wallow in the mud. If there were some way you could take out that pig nature and replace it with the nature of a lamb, things would be different.

God took out the stone-cold heart and gave us a heart that delights to please Him. And He put His Holy Spirit in our new heart.

We are a babe in Christ and need to grow. Before we got born again we were blind to the spiritual world. Through Holy Spirit in us we see with eyes of faith, we taste God’s goodness through His Word, we smell the sweet fragrance of His presence, we can touch God and be touched by Him experiencing His glory, we are able to hear His voice inside us.

God sometimes speaks to us in spectacular ways, but normally He speaks to us through the still small voice of the Holy Spirit inside us.  The greatest revelation you will ever have is God knows more than you do.

To walk in victory and grow in Christ we need to learn to depend on the Holy Spirit inside us. The Holy Spirit will alert us when something is wrong, when we get off track, when we sin, when something is not for us. He will also show us when we are following God, when we are walking in God’s will. He will lead and guide us into all truth, in the ways of God; ways of righteousness, peace, and life. It’s like a gut level knowing inside when the Holy Spirit speaks to us. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God always agree in one.

When some missionaries took the gospel to a town in the far eastern part of Russia, they didn’t know what effect their work would have. A few years later the president of the Mission visited. He was met by the vice-mayor, who told him, “We have noticed that when people are associated with your church for a while, it makes a difference. It’s as though they are reborn.” He was then asked by the vice-mayor if his church would work with troubled families and directionless young adults. Without knowing it, that city official had correctly described what had happened.

People had been “reborn”–born again by faith in Jesus, who died for their sins and rose from the grave. Each of them was “a new creation”. Following the Holy Spirit in our born-again spirit is the way to the abundant, victorious life Jesus promised us.

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