Tim Cole: Prayer scares away the devil

Tim Cole: Prayer scares away the devil

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When God created the earth, Heaven and earth were married. They were in different places, but they were one.

God made Adam and put him in a Garden. God would leave Heaven and come down and walk with Adam in the cool of the day. Some believe that Adam also went to Heaven and visited with God. Is it possible? Enoch walked with God, and that was after the fall of man. One day they were walking, and Enoch walked into Heaven with God. God and man lived in fellowship in the Garden.

One day something horrible entered the earth and changed everything. Sin. Sin caused a great divorce between Heaven and earth, God and man. Heaven and earth that were one was then worlds apart.

Jesus came and died on the cross and brought sinful man and holy God together again. When God gets through, Heaven and earth will be one again. God will live on earth with people.

There is a wonderful gift God has given us. Prayer. Prayer connects Heaven and earth, God and man. What an awesome thought that you and I can have a relationship with the God of the universe.

Jesus said that He stands at the door of each heart, if you open up to Him, He will come in and y’all will share your lives with each other.

Prayer is not something we do. Pray is a way of life. Pray without ceasing. Make it your very life. Living in fellowship, communion, relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Be still and know that He is God.

We are busy. Too busy. We don’t have time to be still. The devil sees to that. We will never have time to spend with God. We must make time for God. Prayer is not our want list.

Does anybody remember the Sears Wish Book? We used to look and dream. God is not a bellhop or a Santa Claus. Prayer is not about self-promotion or selfish desires. Prayer is about seeking God. Getting to know Him. Being touched by His heart. Walking in His will. Being transformed by His presence. This is eternal life. Knowing God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Prayer is about building and enjoying a relationship with the living God. Prayer is not a monologue. Prayer is a dialogue. It is a conversation with God. We pour out our heart to God. Then we get quiet and listen for Him to talk with us.

A little boy answered an altar call with his Dad. His Dad got through praying and went back to his seat. The boy kept praying. The people began to leave. The boy kept praying. The Pastor started turning lights out. The boy was still praying.

His Dad went up to the altar and asked if everything was ok. The boy said, “Dad, you told me that when we pray, it scares the devil. So I thought I would give him a shivering fit.”

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