Tim Cole: Surrender to Jesus

Tim Cole: Surrender to Jesus

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Something we hear very little about today is the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit deals with our heart when we are lost. He begins to draw us to God. He brings to our attention the sinfulness of our sin. He impresses on us our need of a Savior. He woos us to God.

I remember as a preteen going to a revival. The Preacher was talking about being hot or cold. I was so touched by my need of Jesus. I held on to the pew to keep from going to the altar. How dumb was that? A few years later I went to a Youth Rally. There were singers and athletes talking about how they met Jesus. The next morning our Pastor preached on making a decision. I felt like the Pastor and God were talking straight to me. Like I was the only one there. I realized again that I knew about Jesus, but I didn’t know Him. I really felt like if I didn’t surrender to God that morning it would be too late. I went down to the altar and met Jesus face to face.

As I was weeping my brokenness turned into peace. My guilt and shame disappeared. I knew I was saved. One of the men of the Church said he thought I was already a member of the Church. What a trick of Satan. People join the Church, but never receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

I was preaching at a Nursing Home one night. I asked if there was anybody who had never received Jesus and would like to. Two ladies in their nineties said they had been in Church all their lives but had never given their heart to Jesus. I prayed with them. You talk about two happy ladies. They were so happy to be saved and know Jesus.

A Pastor friend of mine shared the story of his Father’s salvation experience. He had a drinking problem. His wife was a godly person. He worked at night and slept in the day. She would kneel beside his bed and quietly pray for his salvation. He got miserable. Sometimes it has to get worse before it can get better. He couldn’t drink or cuss or do the things he used to do and enjoy it anymore. He finally surrendered his heart to God and received Jesus. He didn’t know how to read. He sat under the apple tree and God taught him how to read the Bible. His life totally changed. He became a Pastor and fathered three Churches.

When the Holy Spirit pulls on your heart strings please listen. Please surrender to Jesus. There is the danger that if we resist His voice over and over we will get to where we can’t even hear Him when He calls. Eternity is a long time to live without Jesus. There is still a Hell to shun and a Heaven to gain.

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