Denise DuBois: Comic Con’s a coming

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Atlanta Comic Con is coming up this weekend and I’m still feeling the kid-like excitement about it. This will be the first time I’ve ever gone to an event like this – one where I can dress up in costume and not risk becoming a meme on the Internet.

I decided that for this event, I want to dress like a mermaid. I’m not coloring my hair red, so I’m not necessarily going as Ariel, but a mermaid nonetheless. I got on Pinterest trying to find a costume for these kinds of events. A lot came up. There were do-it-yourself versions of Wonder Woman, Disney princesses, characters from Star Wars, plenty of comic book heros that I’ve never even heard of and then — the skies parted and a ray of light shone down on the perfect thing: mermaid.

Of course that was the answer. Even my dear friend gave me a cup that reads, “Secretly a mermaid” and a hat that says “ Mermaid off Duty.” What drew me to the costume idea, though, was its simplicity. It’s basically make-up and some seashells hotpressed to a tank top. If you know me, you know I already have all the make-up. So that’s not a problem. You throw some fishnet lights over your face, dab on the colors and you have perfect scales on the outer corners of your face (like the picture).

My mom has a heat press, so putting shells on a tank isn’t a problem, either. Now for some black shorts and some scale make-up on my legs and we’re good to go.

I got on the event’s app to find that they’re going to have a Q&A with the Disney Princess illustrators.  That made my day. I’m still not sure what exactly to expect, but I’m attending with some veteran comic con-goers. I’m in good hands. If you want an update on how the event went, check back next week!

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