Denise DuBois: We forget about our adventures

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I was thinking about the adventures I’ve been on so far this year. Sometimes we tend to forget and think we’ve been loafing around the house, all boring and whatnot, until we write down all the things we’ve done.

There were some things I’d forgotten about, but I’d like to recall a few of them here.

In January, my friend and I went to Savannah for a long weekend. We visited all the candy stores and went on a ghost tour of the squares. That part was really kind of fun, but it was mostly because of the history we learned. We never saw any ghosts. The Riverwalk was gorgeous, too. We even took a day to visit Tybee Island and climbed a lighthouse. That was fun. I made it to the top just fine, but about froze because I assumed my thin jacket would be fine.

I took a day trip to Disney World with another friend in April. We went to Epcot. It was the first time in more than 10 years that I’d been to Epcot. A few years back, we went to other parks. I traveled around the World Showcase and got a passport stamped. It was super exciting to get selfies made with Elsa and Anna. I’m going back to Disney in October for a girls’ trip.

I learned how to properly shoot a bow and arrow and how to stand up on a paddle board. Both of those things may seem a little silly, but learning new things is important to me. I feel fierce with a bow in my hand, especially when I can hit my target. The paddle boarding was fun, too, because I didn’t fall into the lake and get “lake hair.”

I made some new, fabulous friends at church by getting involved in a Sunday School group. Maybe you don’t consider that an adventure, but the friends and I have outings together. Besides, making new friends in your 30s is a feat. We tend to keep our tribe small, but adding great people to your circle is always a great idea.

I attended the Taylor Swift concert in Atlanta over the weekend. That was a lot of fun because we made a day of driving, eating at the Vortex and listening to very talented women on stage. There were so many people there, it was unbelievable. I’m not sure how many people the Mercedez-Benz Stadium holds (minus the one end zone that was blocked off), but thousands of screaming girls made it very loud.

One thing I will be doing in the future is my first ever powerlifting competition. This year, I’ve lifted more weight than I ever thought possible. I’ve cried, nursed my sore body and overcome so much to increase the weight on the bar. I’m very excited to see how my lifts turn out in competition. That happens Dec. 1 – just three days before my 32nd birthday!

The Lord has allowed me to do some pretty great things this year and it’s only August. I’m excited to see what other adventures are awaiting!

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