Editorial: There’s a benefit of living in small towns like the ones here

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Pictured: Mayor’s Unity Prayer Breakfast on March 8.

Getting along seems to be a hard concept for some to grasp, especially in recent years. We hear about crimes that happen nationwide and wonder how long it will be before something bad happens here. I’m not talking about Columbus – a lot of us consider ourselves citizens of the Chattahoochee Valley area. I’m referring to Russell and southern Lee counties specifically. While we’re not perfect, we seem to be exempt from some of the strife that rips communities apart.

It was a tragic thing that happened in Hurtsboro last week. But if you spent any time in that community like I did (albeit it was only a short time), you would see how the people in Hurtsboro loved on one another after the heartache.

But that’s one reason I enjoy living in East Alabama.

Last week, the mayor and a ministerial association held a community-wide prayer breakfast where local pastors prayed over the people, the government and the children who live here. We needed it. We needed to see leaders in this place come together and pray.

Last week, the Methodist church opened its doors to the residents in Hurtsboro so that people who were used to gathering at the City Grill every morning would have a place to fellowship. The community needed it. The people who were affected by the shooting needed some sort of normalcy.

That’s why I enjoy living in what most people would consider a small community. We’ve got roughly 60,000 people in our community, so it’s not small. But we know each other. We see each other at the grocery store and at church. We pray over each other. And we come together in one accord when we need to.

There’s a benefit to that.

By Denise DuBois, Executive Editor