Letter: Grocery store proposed for South Phenix City

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Dear Editor,

As per your coverage of this subject and relating to this, could you please address the following concerns of the citizens? Where did the $2.8 million dollars go that represented the purchase of bonds two years ago: who was the recipient of the $2.8 million? How did the situation evolve that the City would become the leaser of the proposed building and agree to furnish it? Is 772 of the Code of Alabama involved in this project?  When constructed, will the City share any future sales tax revenues with any outside firms? Does the City realize that to waive any water/sewer tap fees would constitute a violation of the City’s Utility Bonding Indenture? Please ask the City to identify all associated abatements being granted. The biggest question remains: exactly where did the $2.8 million go?

Greg Glass

Phenix City, Ala.