Letter to the Editor: We want a Walmart or McDonald’s in our area

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Dear Editor,

When I saw (Blenda Copeland’s) article regarding more shopping opportunities, I was excited.  My family, extended family, and I live on the south end of Phenix City off Highway 165. The south end of Phenix City has been grossly ignored despite the huge growth it has seen in the last 10 years. Traffic on (U.S. Highway) 431 and (Highway) 165 has also seen tremendous growth and rivals other main roads in this area. 

I speak for many others in this area who will say we were hoping for a Walmart and McDonald’s to finally surface on this end of town. There are four McDonald’s (restaurants) that I can think of off the top of my head within miles of each other in central and north Phenix City, but nothing in South Phenix City. There is a huge missed business income opportunity in not establishing a McDonald’s on 431 South, and in particular, at the 431 and 165 intersection. A huge amount of traffic crosses that intersection from through traffic as well as from all the residents living in many subdivisions along 165 and other back roads that intersect 165. 

So excuse me for not feeling like the city is doing us a huge service in bringing a small town supermarket (of which we have two already within 10 miles of each other on 431 and 165 respectively).  

But (Copeland’s) article also mentions the building of another shopping plaza on (U.S. Highway) 280/431 North plus another one on the bluff next to Goodwill, and you didn’t mention the one that is being built downhill from that one on Old Opelika Road with another Walgreens, a subway, and several other businesses — again, away from South Phenix City.  Thank you to whoever in city government feels that we in South Phenix City don’t merit business growth and services afforded to the rest of Phenix City.

Raul (Roy) Mayoral

Phenix City, Ala.