Letter to the Editor

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I agree: build it, and the businesses will come

Dear Editor,

I am writing this in response to the article in your Feb. 1, 2018 edition regarding the discussion over [whether to construct] sewer infrastructure in the Ft. Mitchell area and the Letter to the Editor of the same edition.

I have only lived in the Ft. Mitchell area since 2010 (although I have worked in the county for the past 18 years), but being retired military, (I) have lived in numerous places worldwide and have seen how many communities have grown or stagnated due to lack of action. I want to support Mrs. Epps’ observations about the need for a sewer system in the Ft. Mitchell area. As stated by Mr. Phillips, the county has to have a leap of faith and plan for the future or people will begin to move to those communities that can provide access to those things [that] they use regularly. I have already talked to people who are looking for land/homes in the areas of Smiths Station and Phenix City just for those reasons. When people leave, so does your tax base.

Already, the people in Ft. Mitchell take their kids to shopping, athletic and entertainment activities, and dining, in areas that provide no tax dollars to Russell County. Why am I supporting those areas with my tax dollars? [The article cited a past comment made to Mrs. Epps that there is “no money” in sewers.] I beg to differ, because with sewers you get the businesses that need them to operate, and business equals tax revenue. Right now, this portion of the county is stuck in the mid-20th century and not growing at the pace the population base here demands and deserves.

I am not an expert in raising money (I left that up to my wife), but with things such as President Trump’s desire to expand the military and take care of veterans, the case can be made to the federal government that this area needs infrastructure improvement to support the large number of active duty and retired military personnel living in the Ft. Mitchell area. What about a limited SPLOST [Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax] to help? I am sure there are other means also.

I don’t want to be cliché by using a famous movie quote regarding leaps of faith, but, “if you build it, they will come.”


Jack J. Culberson

Fort Mitchell, Ala.