Marian Carcache: Come here, bamboo – I’ve got my machete

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Throughout school, Physical Education was my least favorite subject. It was also the class I consistently made the lowest grades in. One year in high school, I even took Latin to be excused from P.E.

Even at Auburn, the only “A” I got in P.E., which was a required course when I was a freshman, was in Weight Control because that course grade depended on written tests instead of skills tests. I got a “C” in Fundamentals and in Bowling. I eventually dropped tennis because I couldn’t slide my feet right, and fencing, because I scared my partner and the teacher by trying to fence like Emma Peel on British television’s The Avengers.

In basketball, I could ring the hoop almost every time, but I couldn’t dribble the ball. In baseball and volleyball, I tended to duck when I saw large flying orbs coming toward me.

Walking, whether on treadmills or nature trails, is more my speed, and has worked well for me for quite a number of decades. This year, I’ve added yard work to the menu. Toting rocks, digging up weeds, and pulling vines have introduced me to muscles I didn’t know I had – and also to poison ivy and a six-foot long rat snake that we now call “Ratty.”

I think I have finally found my “sport” and the playing field is my own yard. While friends head to the beach or the lake or a ballgame, I’m armed with a machete, my eyes set on that worrisome bamboo that keeps creeping under the fence from the neighbor’s yard.

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