Marian Carcache: Sometimes you have to give in

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I had planned to spend this past weekend making concrete stepping stones to add to my emergent garden path and filling raised beds with soil in order to start this year’s herb garden. But then the rain began and the temperature dropped.

Instead, I unpacked a sweater and flannel pajamas that I had put away until next year. As I realized I probably should also once again drag heavy plants back onto the porch from the yard, I found myself quoting T.S. Eliot’s famous line, “April is the cruelest month.”

One surefire way to assuage the disappointment of not being able to work on an anticipated project is to resort to shiftlessness, which is exactly what I did. Usually something of a fanatic about healthy food, I bought chips at Big Lots – three kinds. Then I rejoiced that I hadn’t put away all the blankets yet and settled in under one in my over-sized wingback chair. Chips were close at hand as I spent Saturday watching 15 episodes of one of my favorite television shows from childhood, Dark Shadows.

The cold wet weekend turned out to be restful and delightful. The raised beds and garden stones may have to wait even longer now. I’m pretty comfortable in my chair and anxious to see how the next cliffhanger resolves itself as Barnabus Collins once again captures my heart.

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