Marian Carcache: The imperfect excellence of summertime

Marian Carcache: The imperfect excellence of summertime

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Summer’s simple bounty has never been greater than it was this past week.

From loaves and fishes to squash and figs, my friends have been generous. One friend brought both a loaf of her husband’s homemade bread and some fish he had caught in the Gulf to make our Sunday dinner glorious. Another friend showed up with squash and cucumbers, and yet another with two small fig trees and some Holy Basil for my garden.

On Saturday, there was an impromptu trip to Jernigan so that my son could help Daddy with a computer problem. The weather sources I refer to, as usual, gave three very different forecasts, but all agreed that there would be a T-storm at some point that afternoon.

Since my smallest dog, Grimm, is terrified of inclement weather, I took him along with us for his first visit to Jernigan. Along the way, he enjoyed looking through the windows of Butch Anthony’s drive-thru Museum of Wonder. And he loved running around in my parents’ house and yard.

He’s been a little full of himself since his trip and museum outing. When I decided to place cucumber slices on my eyes to help with dark circles, the little traveler grabbed them and ate them.

Here’s to enjoying friends and family (including the four-legged ones), and the imperfect excellence of summer.

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