Sarah West: Civic Stewardship Celebrated through Art

Sarah West: Civic Stewardship Celebrated through Art

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Redemption, reconciliation, renewal and restoration are promises that many cling to in the early days of a new year. Through our resolve to be better stewards of self-improvement, we find empowerment among those spirits kindred who share similar vision. Their camaraderie often becomes the cornerstone which shores up the foundation our goals rest upon. We depend upon one another, just as the world depends upon us. Through seemingly selfish acts towards improvement, we often find that our world changes around us. The choices that we make directly affect our environment by extension.

In these early months of the year, we are reminded of historic figures who sculpted permanent marks upon our national heritage. Through their endeavors towards improvement they changed our cultural landscape, established greater ties of unity and made stewards of us all.

During the winter season, the Smiths Station City Hall Art Galleries will host two unique exhibitions, curated commemorating history for posterity, and current movements for environmental stewardship. The Artisan’s Gallery will feature iconic imagery rendered in varying media celebrating the life and work of Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.                                                                                                                                              The Art Students Gallery will exhibit studies in graphite on paper depicting a broad range of wildlife, featuring both exotic, and some regional animals native to the Southeast.  Each of these exhibits are established as part of an ongoing endeavor to educate and encourage the viewing public through community involvements for cultural appreciations, celebrations of diversity and stewardship. To learn more about the City of Smiths Station’s upcoming community events, including the annual community clean-up day scheduled for February, you are invited to visit City Hall, located in the heart of Smiths Station.

 Art is Life Expressed – Sarah West, owner of the Sarah West  Gallery of  Fine Art