Tim Cole: Apply wisdom

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I’ve been reading and studying about Solomon lately. He is called, by the Bible, the wisest man that ever lived.

God gave him the opportunity to ask for what he wanted. Solomon didn’t ask for money, long life, or destruction of his enemies. He asked for wisdom, a wise and discerning heart, that he might lead the people of God. Since you asked for wisdom – God said – I will give it all to you.

The Queen of Sheba came to see Solomon and observe his wisdom. She concluded – the half has never yet been told.

Solomon had a special gift, no doubt. It’s not what we have, but what we do with it that matters.

Solomon loved God and obeyed His commands at first. Later, he became a very disobedient person.

According to the Word of God, a king is not supposed to have many wives.  A king is not supposed to have many horses. A king is not supposed to pile up silver and gold. Solomon broke all of these rules. He had a thousand wives and concubines and he ended up building temples for their gods and worshipping them. He had cities full of horses. He had so much silver and gold that silver was fairly worthless, there was so much.

Read Ecclesiastes with the book of Proverbs lying beside it and compare the two. Most of what Solomon – the king, the backslidden preacher said, contradicts what he wrote in Proverbs. Many false religions use scriptures in this book to base their religion on. Why is it in God’s Word? To show us what it’s like to be backslidden so we won’t want to go there.

Solomon had so much in his favor. A godly praising Daddy – David, God personally visited with him two times, he had a special gift of wisdom, he had faithful priests and prophets and servants. He seemed to be better at applying wisdom to other people’s lives than he was his own life. It’s always easier to tell someone else how to do things. It’s easier to straighten others out than to straighten ourselves out.

We have a loving Heavenly Father, a wonderful Savior, a precious Holy Spirit who is our partner in life, we have the Word of God, we have gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit, we have a family called the church, etc. No matter how much wisdom and how many gifts we have – it doesn’t guarantee success.

What are you doing with what you have? Are you applying the wisdom and Word of God to your own life? That’s what matters. We need to do spiritual inventory periodically. We need to check our own fruit and make sure we are walking hand in hand with Jesus.