Tim Cole: How close is your walk with God?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Do you ever get to where you feel like you are empty inside? There is nothing happening in your spiritual life? Your well has gone dry?

The Bible says that when we are born-again, the Holy Spirit becomes in us like a well of living water springing up into eternal life. There are undercurrents in you that are powerful enough to renew your soul, to strengthen you, to overcome any obstacle. Mighty torrents of living water run freely under the surface in the underground springs in your spirit.

An ole timey water pump would bring up water when you used the hand pump. Sometimes it wouldn’t. Then, you would need to prime it. You take some water and pour it in the pump and then start pumping again. The water flows freely.

Jesus never goes on vacation. He never slumbers or sleeps. God who has begun a good work in you will continue it until the day Jesus comes back in the clouds for us.

Sometimes we need to prime our pump. We need to stir up the gift within us.

Paul said, “Be in the constant process of being filled with the Holy Spirit.” How? By speaking to yourself in Psalms, in hymns, and in spiritual songs. As we begin to praise Him we are filled again with the Holy Spirit, the living water. Praise and worship is not just for Sunday, but for every day.

I was visiting my sister’s church one time. The choir sang an awesome song. My hands went up in praise. One of my relatives let me know that was out of order there. Months later I went to a preacher’s meeting of different denominations. A Bible representative came to share with us about an updated version of the Bible. We sang Amazing Grace together. I remembered I was not supposed to lift my hands, so I just shut my eyes and sang. At one point I opened my eyes and everybody in the place had their hands up in praise except me. Lesson learned.

When you want to praise God, praise God. Paul also speaks of the washing of the water by the Word of God. There have been times in my life where I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I asked a close spiritual mentor about it. He went through the list. I said, “I haven’t done any of that.”

Then he asked, “How long since you spent some real time in the Word of God?” I knew immediately that was it. Jesus said, “My Words are spirit and they are life.” The Word of God washes our spirit and renews our mind. Paul also said, “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together.” The river of God flows at Church like nowhere in the world. David said, “I want to see your glory like I have seen it in the sanctuary.”

God manifests His presence among His people. Paul said individually we are the Temple of God. Then he said, Together we are the Temple of God. If God’s river flows in us individually, just think how much more He moves among us when we meet together. One word that is focal in the book of Acts is “daily.” A relationship with God is an every day walk with Him.