Phenix City BoE deals with code of conduct

Phenix City BoE deals with code of conduct

By Toni Stauffer

Phenix City Board of Education members Patricia Alexander, Rev. Brady Baird, Fran Ellis, Samuel Estrada, Will Lawrence, Dr. Mesha Patrick, and Todd Stanfill were present for the June 26 meeting, along with Superintendent Randy Wilkes. The Board unanimously approved the May 30 agenda and financial reports. 

Judge Bellamy Petitions Board to rename gym

Russell County Judge Michael Bellamy, a South Girard alumni, petitioned the Board to name the South Girard gym after their basketball coach Dr. James Patrick who won the state championship while at South Girard. Bellamy brought the coach’s resume and several letters of support, one from Alabama State University coach Robert Spivery.  

“We ought to give honor to whom honor is due,” Bellamy said. “Not only was he an outstanding coach, He was an outstanding individual. We want the community, our children, and their children to know that this was a great man. We want the name of the gym to be after Coach Patrick. There will never be another championship at South Girard.” South Girard is now a middle school for 8th grade. 

The Board said they would take the request under consideration.

“You’re right, there’s a lot of people in this school system that we would like to honor,” Board President Mesha Patrick said. She said that the board has received other suggestions but will take the request under consideration. 

Career Tech  Center

Superintendent Wilkes recommended that the board approve renderings for the career tech center annex so that the project can be put out for bids. The renderings will be drafted by architectural firm Hecht Burdeshaw. Alexander requested to see the actual proposed location of the Annex and Wilkes said that can be arranged. Lawrence voted no, Alexander and Ellis abstained, and the remaining four members voted in favor of approval (4-1-2).

New Pit Cover 

A new, removable pit cover has been approved for the CHS auditorium at the cost of $49,000. 

Student Code of Conduct Change

Superintendent Wilkes recommended approval of the first reading of Level 1 Offense: Chronic Absenteeism as listed on page 12 of the Student Code of Conduct book. The Alabama State Department of Education defines a chronically absent student as having missed 15 or more school days, excused and unexcused absences. The change would affect grades 9-12. 

“Upon reaching or surpassing 50 percent of the allowable absences as designated by the Alabama State Department of Education, per semester, and for any day absent thereafter per semester, a student shall be assigned Saturday School for each day absent in excess. 

If the State declares chronic absenteeism as 18 days absent per year, then upon the student’s ninth day absent, they will be assigned Saturday School. 

If the State declares chronic absenteeism as 15 days absent per year, then upon the students eighth day absent, the student will be assigned Saturday School. 

For each Saturday School attended, a day absent shall be recorded in the student’s record as “All Day Other – Time Made Up (TMU). Time made up is limited to the semester in which chronic absenteeism occurred. 

Credit will be denied in any class in which the student is chronically absent. Exceptions may be considered, such as hospitalization and physician’s care.”

Recommended changes were approved.