Phenix City Council proposes new garbage ordinance

Phenix City Council proposes new garbage ordinance

According to a new ordinance that Phenix City may pass, city residents cannot place trash cans on their curbsides more than 24 hours before garbage pickup. 

The Phenix City Council held a first reading for the adding of a new section to the garbage code. A Section D is to be added to Chapter 70 – Solid Waste, Section 70-79 – Unlawful Deposits of Garbage and Trash. The ordinance existed previously, but was inadvertently left out when the code book was recodified, which automatically repealed it.  To see the actual ordinance and other garbage-related laws, check the city’s website. 

“We have had an issue with some people leaving their garbage on the curb all the time and neighbors call and complain,” Assistant mayor and Utilities Director Steve Smith said. “Keep in mind, your neighbors would like to keep the neighborhood looking nice. Be a good neighbor and roll it (garbage can) back after pickup.” 

Smith said the city will only act on complaints and that a warning will be issued first. If the problem continues, fines will be imposed. For questions regarding garbage disposal, call Advanced Disposal 706-323-3660. 

What must be done

In the new section, all garbage must be placed at the curbside within six feet of the street before 7 a.m. on the day of scheduled pickup. If trash and garbage are scheduled for pick up on the same day, materials have to be neatly placed in separate areas curbside. You have to remove trash cans and other receptacles away from curbside within 12 hours after pickup. 

Your garbage receptacles (trash cans) must be at ground level, within six feet of the road. This rule applies to residential and commercial. Your receptacles have to be easily accessible. Keep receptacles and trash out of the roadway and off walkways. 

What not to do

You are not allowed to place your garbage at curbside more than 24 hours before pickup.

Don’t put or keep garbage on city property, public property, or neighboring property not belonging to you or your landlord, even if that property is vacant or kept as a city right-of-way. Don’t place containers in a street, drainage ditch, storm drain, or gutter. Also, don’t place them near trees, power lines, street signs, utilities, cable, or telephone equipment. If your garbage placement results in damage to service equipment, you’ll have to pay for necessary repairs and replacements. 

Last but not least, the garbage is owned by a resident until collected. The second reading will be at the next regular session of the Phenix City Council, which will be held on Feb. 19 in chambers at the Public Safety Building at 9 a.m. The next work session is Feb. 18 on the third floor of the Municipal Building.