Phenix City submitting $450K grant

Phenix City submitting $450K grant
If approved, money from the grant would be used to replace water lines

See the affected area here

By Denise DuBois

If the application is approved by Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA), 1st Avenue from 25th Street to 29th Street and 3rd Avenue from 29th Street to 4th Avenue will have water pipes replaced and fire hydrants installed. 

Currently, there are two-inch water lines in place for residents in that area. Replacing them with six-inch water lines and adding six fire hydrants will cost approximately $640,000. ADECA would fund $450,000 and the city would be responsible for a 10 percent cash match. 

“This will give them adequate water pressure because right now the two-inch is not adequate. I believe they have a lot of water leaks because they’re old lines. They have no fire hydrants at all,” said Tracie Hadaway, Planning and Economic Development Specialist with Lee-Russell Council of Governments. 

The Lee-Russell Council of Governments is the organization that is submitting the grant on behalf of the city. The grants are made available from ADECA, and Phenix City will compete with other large cities in the state for a portion of $5.2 million. Phenix City is applying for the maximum grant amount. 

In addition to replacing the water lines, City Manager Wallace Hunter said they will also spend approximately $200,000 resurfacing the roads in that area. 

The project was discussed during a meeting at Martin-Idle Hour Community Center last Thursday. Community members were able to come to the center, learn about the project, and sign whether they would support or oppose the measure. 

“No one should oppose this. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting this,” Hadaway said. “But it’s helpful for us to show ADECA that the community is behind this. If we could get letters from people, that would be great. I think this is a strong project.”

Phenix City Councilmember Steve Bailey said this project needs to be completed, but if they can get the grant, the city’s money could be used in another project elsewhere. 

The grant application is due July 22. If approved, work would begin next spring.