Pride. Strength. Joy.

By West Graham

Customers are the reason we BEAM. When a business puts a focus on the people it serves, the astonishing happens: A commitment to our local community and the ambition to provide newer technology that larger companies offer with the personal customer relationship only smaller companies can deliver. Our personal relationships with our customers mean more than money can measure.

Many know we are a family and veteran owned company that believes in giving back to the community we serve. More than 50 years ago, our founder wanted to give the area the same amenities that bigger cities had which is why he started the cable company out of his barn. We have learned over the years not only what a community support will do, but what we could do by supporting our community. We offer services to the schools and local government, invest in the local infrastructure, and donate to several local non-profit organizations. This are just a few of the many things our national competitors can never identify with. We strive to give you our all each and every day. Quality Service. Bundled Savings. Family Time.

Bringing East Alabama More – It’s in our name.