Riverwalk bridge to be repaired, reconstructed

Riverwalk bridge to be repaired, reconstructed

Unopposed candidates certificates approved

The timber bridge on the Riverwalk, just south of 13th Street, was approved to be repaired and reconstructed by Provision Contracting Services, LLC, not to exceed $314,000. Built in 1995, the 500’ bridge is vital to travel on the Riverwalk and its current condition is a safety concern. 

“The bridge has become a little bit unstable,” Assistant City Manager Steve Smith said. “It has become weathered to the point that it is no longer usable and needs to be replaced. It connects the Riverwalk and has become a potential danger to the people using the Riverwalk. If it’s not there, then you have a 500’ section that isn’t connected to the rest.”

The budgeted funds will come from the city’s coffers. The Riverwalk will be closed in that section, but will still be accessible. Smith said the expected time for construction is 120 days, weather permitting. Sanitary Sewer easements were approved for dedication within U.S. Hwy 280E at the Phenix Corners Shopping Center for Second Street of Phenix City, LLC. 

An application was approved to be made to the Bureau of Justice Assistance for a Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program FY 2020 Formula Grant for financial assistance to the Phenix City Police Department for equipment purchase. This is through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program under the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1986 which has made $18,998 available for local solicitation. 

A Mutual Aid agreement between the City of Phenix City and the City of Auburn for professional services utilizing both police departments—this is a renewal of an annual agreement. The agreement allows the Phenix City police to legally assist Auburn in policing special events, such as football games. Auburn will pay the City of Phenix City which will then pay the officers; however, because of the pandemic the regular schedule has been interrupted. 

“We don’t know how many games they are going to play this year because of COVID-19,” Phenix City Police Chief Ray Smith said. “But there’s safety protocols Auburn will have in place.”

The following properties had resolutions and public notices approved to set hearing dates and fixing demolition costs: 1305 7th Avenue ($2,200), 401 15th Avenue South ($2950), 2407 16th Court ($1,800) and 2409 16th Court ($1,400). All demolitions will be by Great Southern Furniture and costs include dumping fees. A public hearing regarding the demolition of the listed properties has been set for Sept. 1 at 9 a.m., ET. Under Ordinances, an amendment was approved for the Definition and Use of Phrases in the Code of Ordinances for the city in Chapter 82 which is Utilities, Sanitary Sewers. 

Resolutions to issue certificates of election for the following were passed: Eddie N. Lowe for Mayor, R. Griff Gordy for At-Large, Donald “Steve” Bailey as council member for District 1, Arthur Lee Day as council member for District 3, Johnathan Taylor as Phenix City Board of Education member, District 1, Place 2; KeAnthony Brooks PCBoE member, District 2, Place 2, and Yolaunda M. Daniel as PCBoE member, District 3, Place 2. All of the candidates listed above are unopposed for the offices they seek. City clerk employees and city manager employees will receive compensation of $25 per day per person for their work with absentee ballots on Election Day.