Sarah West: Alabama’s Finest – Farm to table

Sarah West: Alabama’s Finest – Farm to table

I retrieve an item from the shelf, pour over the label, searching for provenance. In the market I make choice selections discerning where my food comes from. Food from far off places evokes curiosity and exotic charm. Yet food is worth further examination, compelling one to question the import the label. 

At the local farm-stand, I choose fresh just picked, blueberries. Dark Prussian blue gems, with deepening blush of magenta still visible, the sweet and tart breaks open and twirls a flavorful dance. The farmer’s price asks too little. He reaches for change. I insist that he keep it. Anything of quality harvested or hewn by hand is worth more. These I will pair with pancakes laced with ricotta and lemon curd, and topped with a fresh lightly sweetened whipped cream. At home I collect greens from my garden to spin into a crust-less quiche made with gruyere and cheddar cheese. Local eggs will add brilliant yellows and enriched accent to midmorning weekend feasts. 

A leisure drive into the sunset. Chasing streaks of lavender and melon westward as foggy mist emerges from forest shadows skirting fields and pastures. Red clay, black soil, Alabama blue sky fades into night. At Acre, the first course brought to our table reflects the southern sea and sky. Upon slate glistens a salt formation, elevating the oyster to new heights. Sourced local to Alabama, Murder Point Oyster Company has supplied Chef Compton with the evening’s shining star. Elegantly constructed this art-worthy composition inspires the painter to pick up the brush. A medley of delectable flavors present Blood Orange Mignonette with Sunburst Trout Roe, Peach Blossoms, Cucumber and Fennel. An informative bouquet which raises the bar. 

This delightful experience is followed by the charcuterie board, exhibiting the house’ best of cured salami, pickled grapes, peanut brittle, pecan mustard, Asher blue and stone hollow goat cheeses and the list goes on. For the main course, pan roasted king salmon with sweet corn bisque, garnished with okra, heirloom tomatoes, and jalapeños. And for the table a 2016 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. A final dish curated by the Chef du Cuisine, the desert flight including bread pudding topped with vanilla ice cream and crumbled prosciutto, a blonde tarte and the ever decadent peanut butter pie with meringue, truly to die for. 

The farm to table establishment calms in the late evening, as diners, all too satisfied, consider the time. It has grown late, the restaurant is aglow with ambient light. Another day has come and gone. The chefs and the farmers continue collaborations here setting standards where food’s provenance, the harvester’s hands, the line cooks, wait staff and chefs all have an integral role to play in this continuously sensational production.

Author’s Note: Compliments, Credits and Kind Regards to Chef David Bancroft, Chef Jeffrey Compton and the team at ACRE who strive and succeed at serving Alabama’s very best in farm to table cuisine.


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