Sarah West: Art & Education

Sarah West: Art & Education

Smiths Station City Hall Exhibitions

This summer the City of Smiths Station continues a collaborative mission with local advocates for Cultural Arts Conservation, Historic Preservation and the Humanities. As part of the ongoing efforts to recognize and celebrate the arts within our community and region, Smiths Station City Hall designated a place, known as the City Hall Art Galleries. Since the spring of 2017, City Hall in collaboration with the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art has provided professionally curated fine art exhibits featuring local fine arts professionals as well as area art students. These exhibits continue to expand in genre, theme and medium and provide a place for aspiring artists of every age to be given exposure and exhibition experience.

In the spring of this year, the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art in collaboration with area educators, debuted an After School Fine Arts Program at participating schools. A need was met, as many schools in our area lack the support to provide additional Cultural Arts Programs during the scheduled school day. While this fact may strike many as disheartening, we as a community saw possibilities through camaraderie. Over the current season, the Smiths Station City Hall Art Galleries features an exhibit which explores this unique relationship between local government, independent arts activists, local educators and philanthropy.

Visit Smiths Station City Hall Art Galleries during daily hours to appreciate the current exhibitions: Portraits in Education, Fundamental Drawings & Meditative Paintings featuring students of West Smiths Station Elementary School, July-August.

Art is life expressed – Sarah West, owner of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art