Sarah West: The Sketch Hunter

Sarah West: The Sketch Hunter

A photo captures early autumn fallen leaves. Morning rain glazes the leaf-laced stone scape. As I aim my lens towards the ground I’m aware those around me may consider my subject mundane. I don’t linger on such thoughts. I take my pictures anyway. I won’t post them on social media. These I’ll keep, recall, and eventually commemorate in paint. I’ll sketch a small image of this in my sketchbook, turn the page and sketch a few more. Compelled to contemplate this subject, I reference past memories of similar regard.

Especially sentimental about this time of year, I retreat to the mountains and studio. Paintings, and drawings echo thoughts voluminous. Endless cups of coffee, and biographical books of epic proportion moderate new work. Everyday there is more research. I listen to documentive firsthand recordings of prolific artists which seem to parallel my current process and present thoughts. After printing hundreds of photographs at a time, I catalog them. I make selections, pair them with recent paintings and sketches and build storyboards.

To paint a thing well, one must know it and establish an understanding about it. Then is when the artist’s potential best work becomes evident. The sketch hunter finds promise of continuity in subjects of personal relevance. Guided by true north, one’s work is regenerative.

Art is life expressed – Sarah West, owner of the Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art