School nurses learn more about mental health

School nurses learn more about mental health

Preferred Medical Group’s founder, Dr. Ritu Chandra, was the guest speaker for the Russell County School District’s School Nurse meeting. Dr. Chandra was invited by Russell County Schools to discuss a topic that the school nurses have been faced with often lately: depression, self-harm, and suicide. Most importantly, these nurses requested to learn more about the different spectrums of mental health in order to serve the children of our community better. Understanding the signs of anxiety and depression, and how to notice and prevent self-harming habits are just as important in their day-to-day nursing duties.

During this informational presentation, Dr. Chandra gave case studies from her practice in Phenix City that she has recently expanded to provide specific behavioral health services such as: Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing, learning disability testing, ADHD medication management, anger management, and counseling services. Statistics for Undiagnosed Mental Health Disorders, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Conduct Disorder, and various Mood Disorders were discussed in detail to provide the nurses and teachers with a clear understanding of each diagnosis.

“It takes an entire community to help raise a child; from the parents, teachers, counselors, pediatricians, and sport’s coaches…we are all involved and responsible to shape the youth of our community,” said Dr. Chandra. “And most importantly, having a cohesive support system between us all provides the child with opportunities to overcome their struggles and helps them feel like everyone is on their side.”

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