Sheriff to enforce conduct at commission meetings

Sheriff to enforce conduct at commission meetings

By Toni Stauffer

After Russell County Commission Chair Peggy Martin opened the Russell County Commission meeting on May 22, Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor stood at the lectern and addressed the commission politely, but firmly, stating that his office has had a couple of complaints about actions, and that they have even had to take a couple of reports. Reports were unavailable before Citizen press time.  

“I just wanted to remind everybody this morning that we’re all elected, and we all represent this community, but we have to talk and do things in the right way,” Taylor said. “We can disagree. We can debate. We can even have differences of opinion, but we need to voice those in the proper form and the proper manner.” 

He said that while the sheriff’s office has always had a presence in the chamber, they’ve always sat back and had a different role, but that will change in the future. 

“I don’t ever like to do something and everybody not be on the same page, so I said I would say this…” Taylor said. “If the chairman looks at us and wants us to get things back in order, we’re going to do that, and I think that that’s just something that’s going to have to take place moving forward. The past is in the past, and I hope that we can leave it there, and that we can all be on the same page moving forward about how we conduct ourselves and how we handle business of this county. And if not, we’ll take the proper action. We’ll ask people to leave the chambers, and that’s what’s going to happen going forward. If we’re asked to by the chairman, or if it gets too bad from our perspective for conduct, then we’ll ask whomever is out of line to leave the chamber. I just want everybody to know that going forward. I don’t want any hard feelings, but I feel like that’s what we’ve got to do.”

Martin thanked Taylor and the meeting proceeded without further comment on the matter.