Smiths Station annexes partial properties

Smiths Station annexes partial properties

By Denise DuBois

The City of Smiths Station recently used a legislative action to close its city borders. House Bill 373 was passed and signed by the governor March 8. The bill shows 184 tracts of land affecting 170 property owners were annexed into the city limits.

Smiths Station Mayor F.L. “Bubba” Copeland said the properties that were affected already had some land incorporated into the city. Half of the property was in and half the property was outside of the limits.

“This bill solidifies our borders and makes all partial properties part of the city,” he said. “It makes our borders well defined.”

For those property owners, the annexation allows them to now receive trash pickup and other city services.

A letter was sent to the property owners who were affected by the annexation.

Annexation has been a topic of discussion in the Phenix City Council chambers. In the April 2 council meeting, Councilman Steve Bailey offered his views on the Smiths Station annexation and noted that he thinks Phenix City should be more aggressive in its annexation advancements.

Smiths Station held a town hall meeting on Monday to discuss a 5 mil tax for those in the city limits. If passed by city council, the tax will not affect the property that was annexed due to House Bill 373 until the year 2020.


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