Smiths Station Panthers at 6-11

Smiths Station Panthers at 6-11

See photos from the SSHS vs. RCHS game here

On New Year’s Eve, the Smiths Station boys’ varsity team traveled across the river to Kendrick High School in Columbus and beat the Jordan Red Jackets in the Columbus Christmas Classic, 68-66, in their smallest margin of victory all season. The Panthers are currently 6-11.

Both teams were going at it neck and neck the whole game with each period tied or having a difference of one point. The first half ended with a 42-42 tie, and both teams ended the first tied 20-20 and ended the second tied 12-12. The second half was no different as, amazingly, the Panthers led in the third 15-14, and junior guard Donovan Pearman had a layup increase by one late in the fourth, but the Red Jackets went on a late run and fouled with eight seconds left but only made one of the two free throws. The Panthers sealed the game with a last second turnover by Jordan in overtime. 

“We need close, defensive games like that just to make you better toward the end of the season,” coach Steven Davis said. 

The game was led by Pearman who had 32 points for the game; five FGs, five three-pointers, and was 7-of-11 in free throws. Behind Pearman was sophomore forward Ahmari Peabody who had 16 points. 

On Jan. 4, the Panthers hosted the Russell County Warriors, but the game had to be cancelled during play due to power outage. This was a sign of good fortunate, because the Panthers were losing 40-33 when the contest was suspended. At this moment there are no plans to make up the game. 

Smiths Station’s next couple of games are against their Area 4 opponents, Central and Auburn. Smiths Station welcomes 7-4 Central to town on Jan. 10 and Auburn, currently 9-5, will come to Smiths Station on Jan. 14.  Smiths Station will be able to get a good look at both teams as Central and Auburn meet up on Jan. 7.