So shines a good deed in a weary world

So shines a good deed in a weary world

By Toni Stauffer

In a sometimes cold and weary world, there are those with good hearts to help. There are such people at John’s Lawn and Garden Center, located at 2409 Crawford Road. Most days, there is a coat rack in their parking lot with a large sign that reads, “Need a coat, take one. Have a coat, leave one.”

According to Brenda Stark, former owner and now helper, the current owner (for the last five years) Jeff McDonald noticed there were a lot of people walking down the street in the cold without coats. So, about a year ago, he and his wife Jennifer put up the sign in the parking lot and hung some coats on a rack next to it.

“We have had such a good response,” said Stark. “You wouldn’t believe it. I thought there was not going to be very many people.”

Stark said, occasionally, someone will come and take all of the coats, usually the best coats, but that there are always coats on the rack.

“We’ve been blessed with people coming in. Our regular customers will come in to get their Christmas tree and give us coats.”

Staff put the coats on the porch, if it looks like rain and at night. While it is cold out, the coats will be available. So, if you need a coat, take one. If you have a coat, leave one. No one should have to suffer the cold, and no one has to with good-hearted neighbors.