Glenwood: Mistakes lead to loss

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By Ronald Frazier

Glenwood took a 22-16 road loss to Morgan Academy on Sept. 14 in a game that was a lot closer than the final score indicated.

“Offensively we made too many mistakes at the wrong times and it just killed us when we were about to score,” said Glenwood head football coach Jason Gibson after the game.

“We are a first and goal and get charged with a holding penalty. Another time we hike the ball 15 yards deep over the quarterback’s head. We get inside the 20 four times and score two touchdowns.” He added.

Glenwood fell behind early 9-0 to the Senators as Morgan Academy’s Hardin Utsey got behind the secondary for a 55-yard TD. The Senators also pinned Glenwood deep in their territory and Bryce Valero was tackled for a safety for all the scoring in the first half.

“They score on a long pass and we drive the length of the field and wind up with a field goal try that missed. That throws off your offense,” Gibson reported about the first half.

“I still give our guys credit. We blow a tire on the team bus going to the game and parents heading that way stopped and picked up players 2-3 at a time and took them there so we could be on time,” Gibson said of the trip to Selma.

Despite the lackluster first half on offense, the defense began to assert itself against Morgan and handed Glenwood two chances to score in the third and the Gators took advantage of those.

The defense held on a 4th and two in the third quarter and Glenwood took it the distance with Valero scoring on a strong 8-yard run up the middle. On the next series, Utsey fumbled a sweep play and the Gators recovered.

Following the recovery, Darrell Monn scored his first TD of the year on a run up the middle and after Garrett Hall’s second extra point, the Gators were ahead 14-9. Mons led the team in rushing with 81 yards from scrimmage.

“We ran 73 plays to their about 40 for the game and had 235 yards plus on the ground and were knocking them off the ball. Just mistakes at the wrong time hurt,” Gibson said.

“We also did not pass the ball well and got about 50 total yards in the air and we need to do a better job of our receivers getting open,” Gibson added.

After the Gators took the lead, Glenwood attempted a pooch kickoff but there was a snafu on the play and Morgan Academy wound up with the ball on the 45 yards from the end zone.

“We were to pooch it in the open area of the field but miss hit it plus we got a penalty on top of that,” said Gibson of the play.

Morgan went 45 yards to score with Gunnar Henderson going over on a third and short. They then went for the two-point conversion to take a 15-14 lead.

“After they score, we drive the length of the field and have a first and goal to win the game. That’s when we had the bad snap and then a sack and decided to try a field goal as time was running out. They block the field goal and with the clock at zero, run it in for a touchdown kick the PAT for the final score.” Gibson responded of those waning moments.

“We have been in every ball game but the first one and despite the record, we are playing tough competition and getting better, especially on defense,” Gibson pointed out.”Our motto is stay together and never quit and this team hasn’t and it is going to pay off later in the season.”

Glenwood has a bye week this week as they started regular season play on August 17th. They will go back on the road on the 24th and travel to Birmingham where they will play 4-A public school power Noxubee County out of Mississippi.

“This will be real test for us,” said Gibson.”They are the defending state champions in class 4-A in Mississippi.”