Time to Spread the Good Word

Time to Spread the Good Word

By: West Graham

Why is it that we are quick to spread the bad word, but not the good word? Google reviews can be a good and bad thing. As most reviews are positive, one negative review will reverse the effect of 10 positive ones. As we aim for excellence not only in our company experience, but in the cable and internet service we deliver, we also aim for quality in our customer service that you receive.
We currently beat all of the other cable providers in Columbus and the area on their Google ratings. That says something! As a family-owned local company, we are always happy to hear things that we are doing well or could improve on. We want to be the best for you, because without you there would be no CTV Beam. With any service issue, we will do all that is possible to better your experience.
If you have experienced great service or a certain employee has provided exceptional service to you, please review us on Google. We are pleased to extend rewards to our employees who go the extra mile for you as our customer. It is our goal to offer you service that you can’t compare to our national competitors. We want to be the best that we can be because “every day, we’re powered by you.”


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