Apples to Oranges

Reading Time: 1 minute

By West Graham

Comparing satellite to cable is a lot like comparing apples to oranges. Yes, they are both forms of TV service, however the delivery of each are different. You can choose the obnoxious satellite on your roof or a dependable fiber connection. Then, we’ve all been there – rain and clouds roll in and the satellite goes out. Our minds begin to think, “Why did we choose this unreliable connection?”

CTV Beam doesn’t put you in the dreadful two year contract that you have to buy your way out of. Secondly, bundling services is frequently a very convenient option for customers. An advantage of bundled services is that you get a single bill with a reduced rate for combining your services. Additionally, with a local company such as CTV Beam, your payments go towards investing in the local community, receiving local support (and a local office to walk into), no data caps, and fast internet speeds! You don’t get all of these benefits with the competitor.

Paying a national company does not put money back in the community we all live in. In the end, it gives you data caps, unreliable service, and takes your money out of the local area. CTV Beam wants your experience to be the best. Premium service is our goal. Don’t settle for less.