Don’t be fooled by other providers

Don’t be fooled by other providers

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By West Graham

Everything looks good, your service is installed, and then, reality sets in. You find that you are experiencing low data caps, no ESPN or other sports channels because they cost extra, and then the WORST – your Internet is throttled. You want to change providers, but remember you signed a two-year contract that will cost you nearly $500 to get out of. Maybe that is why they had you sign the contract in the first place?

CTV Beam is proud to be a local provider that does not do the things listed above. We are happy to offer residential contract-free service and never throttle or data cap your Internet usage. We offer you ESPN, SEC and your other favorite sports channels at no extra cost. We strive to deliver quality service: from delivery of our provided channels to our customer service.  These attributes set us apart from our competitors and are a reason we don’t require contracts for our local residential accounts.

We want to extend our best to you because we value your local support. While you are one customer to us, you are one of many to the other guys. Don’t be fooled. Call us today to start up service and ask about our contract buyout deal! No data caps. No throttling. No contracts. BEAM – Bringing East Alabama More.