How much speed do you really need?

Reading Time: 1 minute

By West Graham

We see all the new and faster internet speeds coming out, but do we really need all of it? Frequent downloading of music or files and gaming need the extreme fast speeds because they require it to process properly and efficiently. Without buffering, streaming movies requires some speed as well at an average around 10-15 Mbps per device. However, your general surfing on the web, checking e-mails, and Facebook only requires 2-3 Mbps per device. The advantage to having faster speeds is really only beneficial when you have multiple devices in the home. The higher speeds sound great, but you may actually never use it and pay for it every month. By the end of 2017, the average fastest internet speed was around 75 Mbps. Technology is always changing and HD quality streaming is requiring more internet speeds. CTV Beam is delighted to be competitive in offering the fast speeds for the homes that need them. We are ecstatic to now offer speeds up to 100 Mbps! Call us today if your home needs more speed!